Pray more if you are the Fool…

Hidden Catholic Ritual – my photos

I think the Catholics should keep their hands /and minds/ away from Tarot’ cards interpretation. Manipulated by their own ‘Three gods’, haunting by their ‘angels’, fallen or still not, the Catholics took the position of Fool, thinking that its a last bastion.

Just for fun /you can check my ‘Tarot of the Jinnis/ – the Fool is the Consequence. Standing in hierarchy after the World – card no XXI, the victim of ‘Trinity’ is still on the way. Where to? To its own apocalyptic disaster.


My dear Priest /blah/

I am sure that Jesus’ words: ”The viper’ seeds” was about you. Do you remember what God said? I DO: ”I am the One”.

Seems that it’s time to explain to the people the greatest manipulation of your ”New” Testament. Will you? Oh yes, what for, right… ;d

Starting… Here is a photo of REAL Jesus as the fetus. As you see, woman’ womb has been sealed. Will you tell them, why? Please, notice, boy’ skin is not white, it’s the Light of Life – no, any ”Holy” spirit ‘)




The Spiritual ‘Stronghold’ – how to make us idiot


Ouch…. the Word for nearest week, just few thoughts…

  1. ‘This was the Second Temple period.  In order for their to be a Third Temple, the Dome of the Rock must be taken down.  This is still a future event.’

Please, no. The Jews bought from few Governments their place to live. From thousands years they are removing /banished/ because of crimes with killing small children in ritual of Bloody Pasha. Got it? The Christians and Catholics are their kosher meat.

2. ‘Our battle is not one of politics or flesh, but spirit. We are to challenge the strongholds of the world bringing them captive to Christ.  The image Paul presents is one of siege warfare, we are to take the battle to the enemy, laying siege to satanic strongholds. Pulling down the walls of deception with truth, bring the world captive to Christ.’

Is it? Yes, I see… The ‘Spirits’ are responsible fort the Syria, Vietnam, Russia, etc. For all. Not human race 😉

3.  ‘Notice, when the Gospel reaches all the nations, the end will come.’

Again??? The signs of ‘End’ have been fulfilled in XIX century in USA. There was the ‘wave’ of suicides  committed by the believers of Catholic/Christian church.

4. ‘Salt Lake City Utah Headquarters of Mormon faith, which denies presents a false gospel to the world.  The book of Mormon on is cover states “another testament”.

Nothing like that. Based on the revelations of the Necromancer, same like church of WOJ. Isn’t it prohibited?

5. ‘Satan seeks to destroy the line of Messiah, by destroying the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.’

Fine. He did it long time ago. The Highest Priest of /new/ Israel from 3 years is calling the Jews to came back there to wait for their Messiah /seems Jesus yes?/.  Devil? No, mostly Holocaust.

6. ‘Satan seeks to take as many souls with him into eternity as he possible.’

Really? Give him more power..! He can’t. He is under control of Almighty. No lies, dear Preachers.




Be ready – revealed, Dear Priest

Let’s talk a little about Fatima and its ‘Revelations’. I wrote ‘its’ because soon, Dear Priest, you will see the real posture of your god.

  1. ‘Our Lady showed us a great sea of fire which seemed to be under the earth.’ Sorry, Preacher, I saw in my vision the Shannon in fire. You are negotiating with the Government re-opening of  the houses for orphans, controlling by your church. The wounds of Tuam it’s not enough for you?
  2. ‘The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.’ I am not adoring your lies, Dear Priest. Did I miss some news?
  3. ‘We saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire.’ Oh yes, I have the photo of your sword in my collection. Guess where I caught it, small fox? Soon…

Illuminated piece of s…t???

I am not surprised. Checking one of the most famous Temple of Illuminati I got some ‘blessings’ from their god.

Oh really??? I can share as for now only this one /fragment/ of photo but looks that those Illuminated, Trump etc have no idea who is their Boss.

The game in another game. Hopefully soon you will see the real face of their adored one, in my opinion it’s something what the Israel is spreading out from time to time.


Interviewing the Devil

There is only one reason I am writing this post, I am shocked what’s going on /sometimes/ in the world of Ghost Hunting.

  1. The ‘Demon of Ouija Board’ doesn’t exist, it’s only the trick of marketing to sell more. The zone of spirits ‘using’ Ouija is prohibited even for the Spirits, in easier words: the worst s…t , not touching, not visiting.
  2. The Angel of Death is ruling by Almighty only. Sorry, Ghost Hunters, you cannot make the interview with ‘him’, as the name suggest this angel is sending to kill/execute only.
  3. The Devil…. Oh please… There is no survivors if ‘he’ is hunting for the nations, countries, continents.  

My dear Priest, tell me…

I’ve read your book. Actually I was studying your Bible 20 years. Tell me one: ”He /Jesus/ descended into Hell , on the third day He rose again”.

As I understood the words and testimony belonged to the one of 12 Apostles, yes? My questions is: How did they now?

Why in the Bible I found this ritual? Why I found the echo from the Jewish book, sharing only in a circle of the privileged ones?

And why, the Hell, is it about the bloody ritual of Descent?