Say to the fears ‘Bye bye’!

and I promise, it will never go back to you.

The first thing my Grandmother taught me was: ‘Whatever you want to use to heal yourself, you have to say Thank You to the Spirit of plant you collected.’ You know, it’s a kind of ritual, connected you with the Spirit of place where is a plant from. Does it work? Oh yes, my last experience with Dillisk /Dulse/ algae confirmed my Grandmother’ rule. And it was first time when I had contact with the spiritual Resident of one small island, not so far away from Ireland.

Checking the facts I found that company which product I bought /believe me, at high price/ is not protecting the coastal waters from the overexploitation. Whatever, the properties of healing of Dulse haven’t  changed.

This recipe is to use in time of hot bath ONLY.  You can take maximum two baths in week time next pausing for three, four weeks.

The algae should be put in the bath before you add hot water. Please use the cheaper bathing gel /just because of lack of added preservatives/.

This mix will work with the layers of your spiritual body. Your subconscious will send a visual signal to your nerves system, helping you to see /yes, SEE/, to face and remove your fear/s/.

The effects? Immediately!  Who said that the Dragons are invincible? 😉