Biblical King Saul, possessed or not?

Having sometimes conversations with the Catholics, I noticed few things:

  1. Most of them is living in fear because of possibility of possession,
  2. Most of them is not reading their Bible so they have  no idea what their God said about many things.
  3. Catholic leaders, the Priests, Bishops etc. are WELL educated but as the Shepherds are misusing their positions.

Read full story of King Saul… What exactly brought him to the partial disturbances of consciousness and what was bringing him to the balance?

I was a witness of very similar situation few months ago, observing the spiritual attack of enrage Spirit. It took seconds, the victim finished next day in mental hospital and will be never in good mental condition again. Now sit down, do you know what made the Spirit furious? The sounds of stringed instrument. Easier, the vibrations.

One more thing… As I know few months before it all happened the victim of Spirit used a Ouija Board. In Spiritual World it means one: adjudication! King Saul was warned. ”Meeting” with some kinds of Spirits results in a partial destruction of our, human, spiritual and physical structures. Still it’s nothing about the possession, it is only the consequence of ‘hit’.

The normal vital structure of persons like Biblical King can be restored in many cases.  ‘What for?’ – most of t’he Preachers will ask – ‘We like to keep our dopey sheep!’

I think I should show you something 🙂 On the photo is night time, better wake up – the attack or tracking or just COEXISTENCE very often looks like that:




What the possession really is

In the eyes of God the possession doesn’t exist. All people touched by spiritual problems, even very seriously, are still the children of God. They are loving by Him so deep in that time, getting the special protection from God’s angels.

This is a lack of balance. God knows about, letting for this process and controlling it. Never  you are in the ‘hands’ of beings called demons.

You can ask for help the Prayers, it’s perfect but always remember – you are the only one person able to stay in touch with God and finish the ‘possession’.

They will tell you /preachers/ that you probably broke some rules. NO. Many people, families is just attacking. The reason is not in 10 Commandments, . the reason is in the rule how our physical and spiritual worlds have been created.