The One Blessing

You said that I am all Yours

whispering my name

I heard You

when the Darkness was close

when I was running

through Hell.


Your hand, it was You behind

trying to wake me up.

Pushing my heart to beat

keeping my thoughts still clean.


You said that I am like You

my armor shines like Your glory.

Kissing me for good bye

there, in the Paradise…

Copyrights@EveJanson 2017

The matter You created me from

I am equal to the all Your Spirits. I am from the soil, dried to be a clay, raised to feel Your whisper.

I got from You the names and meaning of everything in Universes and the Gift of Oblivion. My own limbo.

Who pushed me down, to be in thrall to your Creation? You, Father? Or is there something I missed?



Catch me, Father

See me there

where I haven’t been yet

too tired to make

my next step.

Catch me there

and keep, don’t let go,

on the edge of

my pain and my soul.

Let me be

Your daughter and queen

doesn’t matter

that you are the King

Where is this old or new?

One day after Good Friday. I finished yesterday my latest or newest 😉 e-book ‘The wars of Demons and dead Kings’.

Making some small corrections I noticed one: WOW, the Easter time is perfect for this book, isn’t it a moment when we are trying to be good  better thankfully, when our life is renewing?

So I think all my photos where Devil is discussing with God about our hearts and souls are taken and published  in the right time.

God is naming this process COORDINATION. Amazing.

All torches on your road

Imagine that you are standing on the desert and there is no signs where to go. It’s the place where we all have been, lonely, lost, devastated or just looking for our path and answer.

The desert needs your own torch, linked only to your path.

The sand grains there are created for you but not to count.

The night there is nothing about your reprieve, it’s just a time without sunshine.

The day there is only a part of your steps.

Light your own torch. Yes, exactly THERE.

How God is healing you?

Staying in my profession I heard this question so often: ”Why Gog did it to me?” People with the crushed souls finally are always asking like that.

In time of long term crisis we are not thinking logical, our emotional pain is covering the truth. ALWAYS, I was asking back: ”God or toxic people in your life?”.

The tears… Sometimes the tears it’s a first sign of inner healing. The stream of light which you can feel as physical around your heart. Next few nights you can sleep, just sleep.

You don’t need any preachers to start this process, You need the understanding what happened in and with your life. The TRUTH is making you free on spiritual stage also.