Your own Haunted E-book, Portfolio

To show you my work I decided to let you set the price of ‘Haunted Portumna’ It’s nothing about the divagation  and digressions of ‘Ghost Hunters’ like: ‘Oh yes I see I see I have a feeling’.’

My product is professional and VISIBLE and safe for you, your costumers and visitors. You can give them small teaser, printed book or send an e-book.

Two ways to order:

My auctions at ‘Etsy. com’  My Etsy Shop  for commercial objects like haunted hotels f.e. or deal directly with me via email and PayPal.

Where is the clue? In the new TAX Policy of current USA’ President. Straight, additional 40 /or more/ percent. 

What are you buying?

– Portfolio of haunted location with the photos /up to ten/ and ‘interview’ with ghostly residents of place. In easiest words, the real stories, narrated by the Spirits.

Remember about the hierarchy in Spiritual word, I know from my practice that Spirits ruling in YOUR and surrounding are will also come, visiting me.

– You will get your own haunted e-book /Word or converted to PDF format/ which you can print for visitors/costumers or send them online.

Please, be advised – you are NOT PAYING till I will be ready with photos. All process can take 7 to 10 days /I also need time to write down the ‘ghostly interview’/.

Stay in touch with me in time of our work.

Rights to the photos: all will be signed ”Name of your hotel, B&B, others/ by Eve Janson. E – book is for you but NOT for RESALE, just as a gift for your guests.

What will I need first? Few photos of object from outside and inside. Please no details or hints.

Payment for this auction: when e-book will be READY.

Because of your and your costumers safety I am deciding which photos add to your e-book, some devilish spirits are cunning, taking for a moment silhouette and personality of dead people for example.

What is a selection of the photos for? To get the perfect product. Working, I am using my skills, gifts and knowledge. Take a look at three attached photos, the biggest /one of/ mistake of the Warrens. There was never ANY demon in Amityville’ house, the background of murder is Satanic ritual and infection by spiritual parasite. On two photos you can see the faces of targeted persons years after their death.

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The origin of Jesus

Finally here we are. My newest e-book and photos will be based on the story, photos, origin and  mission of the Spirit called Jesus by the Catholics.

Where they took the idea of ‘blessed’ Mary from? Will the ‘Jesus’ came back murdering about 90 pr more percent of population? Who HE really is?

Please give me some support…. Wow, what the challenge…

The essence of Fortunetelling

Tarot of the Jinnis

They said that Tarot belongs to the Devil but who their ‘Devil’ really is? They said many things, making the source scrolls hidden.

Unfortunately the Spirits start to talk and the Purveyor of ‘devilish force’ showed his real face – this one on the cover of my e-book ‘Everything Could be Haunted’. He is like a pawn only and the real  Draftsman is a Being beyond your imagination.

This e-book it’s a story of our Universe, Creation, the rituals and laws of Spirituality, If you want to understand Tarot cards, you should read and know about the characters, behaviors and attitudes of Spirits attached to each card.

Inside you will find huge collection of my photos.

When I was writing ‘Tarot of the Jinnis’ there was only one thing surprising me, unbelievable resemblance. On the other hand, why not, it’s obvious for me that we, human race, have the same roots like all the created Spirits got.

They said that Tarot it’s demonic lie. I don’t think so, the point is in understanding.






Whisper of Angel

The ways of Angels

Three days before the bombs hit Syria, its angel whispered: ‘Eve, tell them, they must escape”. Later Paris paid salted price for this.

The time of earthquakes in India and Pakistan I ‘spent’ in the Cave of Hira,  listening to the voices of Spirits, guiding in the past Muhammad. Feeling almost like paralyzed, I cannot pray.

The earthquakes destroyed almost ninety percent of both countries.   In Pakistan ONE district, where is living my Friend, Axim, survived.

Do you want to read about the Angels and mysteries of Islam? Feel invited 🙂

Into the Last Prophecy

The wars of Demons and dead Kings


There is always the beginning of story… My Friend asked me: ‘Eve is it possible? I want to know how Dhul Qarnain looked like, to check his origin?’

Well what a challenge, he is dead from few thousands years only ;d

Later, checking all my photos, I was shock. The face of Dhul it’s one but diving INTO spiritual reality of Apocalyptic Prophecy can be the adventure of your life.

I almost forgot… inside is few my prophecies about the cataclysms which will hit our old Europe.