The essence of Fortunetelling

Tarot of the Jinnis

They said that Tarot belongs to the Devil but who their ‘Devil’ really is? They said many things, making the source scrolls hidden.

Unfortunately the Spirits start to talk and the Purveyor of ‘devilish force’ showed his real face – this one on the cover of my e-book ‘Everything Could be Haunted’. He is like a pawn only and the real  Draftsman is a Being beyond your imagination.

This e-book it’s a story of our Universe, Creation, the rituals and laws of Spirituality, If you want to understand Tarot cards, you should read and know about the characters, behaviors and attitudes of Spirits attached to each card.

Inside you will find huge collection of my photos.

When I was writing ‘Tarot of the Jinnis’ there was only one thing surprising me, unbelievable resemblance. On the other hand, why not, it’s obvious for me that we, human race, have the same roots like all the created Spirits got.

They said that Tarot it’s demonic lie. I don’t think so, the point is in understanding.






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