Dust on your shoes

The ambivalence in Spiritual World doesn’t exist.

I am always saying: ”God is not making mistakes.” We, people, do. Look at the way of Tarot’s Hermit, becoming finally the Fool. What was his peregrination for? Why the dust of Babylon, Earth and Stars is making him the cheated one?

In the world of Spirits this kind of mistake is impossible. I never saw any discussing with God like: ”Why I am here, why You created me who I am? And who am I”

The reason is very simple – Spirits are not guiding themselves by using the exterior stimulus. Any ”lantern with a light of Wisdom”. This right and one source of Light is always inside. It’s given and integrated with each one creature.

Tell me, is it just a shortcoming of our human nature? NO. The mistake in interpretation of Tarot’ cards.



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